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Modern lighting systems (indoor and outdoor)

The lighting system is one of the most important components of production, with the help of which optimal working conditions and personnel safety are ensured.

Power Supply System

Any UPS can provide some time for the device to operate without electricity. The device works for several minutes after an emergency failure. This time is enough to perform a safe shutdown and turn off the power properly. All the data can be saved and quietly logged out. Such equipment will make it possible to survive a short-time trip.

High-voltage switchgears

For the transfer of electricity from the source to consumers, switchgears are used. The application of a particular type depends on the voltage class, the characteristics of the network itself, the number and type of consumers.

Low-voltage switchgear

Switchgear is an electrical installation that serves to receive and distribute electrical energy of one voltage class. The switchgear contains a set of switching devices, auxiliary devices and means of accounting and measurement.

Fire alarm and warning system

The fire alarm is designed to detect signs of fire at an early stage. These signs include the appearance of smoke, open flames or carbon monoxide.

System of internal and satellite TV

Satellite television is a system for transmitting a television signal from a transmitting center to a consumer using artificial earth satellites located in space in a geostationary near-earth orbit above the equator as a repeater and equipped with receiving equipment.

Lightning protection and earthing systems

The most rational way to protect people's lives and avoid economic damage in the event of a lightning strike is the use of an effective lightning protection and grounding system.

Automation of lighting systems

Automation of lighting systems. Our company is developing intelligent lighting control systems for various rooms.

Система телефонизации и DATA

Data transmission systems are the basis for the operation of all subsystems of the company. We carry out design and installation of telephone systems

BMS system (Smart Home)

Automation of the house makes life more comfortable and economical, simplifies lighting and climate management, increases the level of safety.

Access Control System

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Cathodic Protection Systems

Cathodic protection is an electrochemical protection against corrosion, based on imposing a negative potential on the part to be protected. Cathodic protection, as a rule, is combined with the application of protective coatings.